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Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field is excited to share that for the first time, Lincoln is offering a Special Edition Package for Black Label. This will build on its successful Reserve Monochromatic Package and the strength of its current SUV lineup. The new monochromatic-inspired Black Label package debuts on the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, the brand’s flagship SUV.

The new look features a specially painted black roof and monochromatic accents including a black mesh Lincoln grille, 22-inch, 12-spoke black aluminum wheels, black sideview mirror caps and spoiler, the new Special Edition Package offers Black Label clients a new way to distinguish their Navigator with an on-trend design theme.

“The unique black roof coupled with additional monochromatic elements emphasize the strong lines of the Navigator, giving it an even more dramatic look and greater presence on the road,” said Earl Lucas, Lincoln exterior chief designer. “Black is a great partner to almost any color, providing a brighter appearance and more contrast – this makes Navigator really stand out.”

This gorgeous package is available on the following exterior colors: Pristine White, Chroma Crystal Blue, Silver Radiance, Chroma Molten Gold, Burgundy Velvet, and Lincoln’s signature color, Flight Blue – new to the 2021 Navigator lineup.

As the ultimate expression of Lincoln luxury, Black Label continues to introduce new clients to the brand. Some of Lincoln’s newest and youngest clientele are Navigator owners, as the flagship continues to help build brand momentum. Nearly 20 percent of Navigator sales in 2020 were Black Label, which represents the very best that Lincoln has to offer in craftmanship and materials, client experience, and owner privileges.

The 2021 Black Label Special Edition Package provides clients with a new and unique way to make their Navigator stand out, while continuing to offer the refinement and effortless technology they expect from a Lincoln. The package will be available next spring. Visit Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field at 7767 Lemmon at Lovers to find your dream Lincoln, today. 
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