With our Customized Luxury initiative up and running at Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field in Dallas, you'll be able to find the exact luxury vehicle you want. This is the day you've been waiting for. So contact us and learn how exactly you can get your hands on the luxury you've been aiming for.

Customized Luxury

But what is our Customized Luxury initiative? This initiative is all about helping to connect our Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, customers with the exact vehicle they've had their eye on. By working with you directly, we learn what your preferences, needs, and wants are. From there, we can point you to the vehicle you want or make suggestions if you haven't come to a decision yet.

There are many ways to get the car you want. Customers can choose from existing vehicles on our lot, or they can choose to pre-order an upcoming model. Do you have specific desires? Consider custom ordering a vehicle that suits your exact specifications. Or work with us, and together we can come up with a vehicle just for you. Customers can do this entirely online.

Finance Options

Once you discover your personalized luxury vehicle near Plano, it's time to think about how to finance it. To figure out your options, send in an inquiry and then talk to our expert finance team. We can work directly with our Grapevine, TX, customers to create an auto finance plan that's just as personalized as your vehicle. To get started on financing your new luxury vehicle, contact us today.

Get the Luxury You Deserve

With unique offers and the ability to find the exact vehicle you want around Waxahacie, now is a great time to start shopping. You can start your shopping online and then contact us to ask questions or finalize your purchase. Our customers deserve so much more, so discover what you deserve at Planet Lincoln Dallas Love Field.

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